Articles By Sherree

Why We Love Fashion


Fashion is the most obvious and personal form of self-expression.  It announces to the world how we feel about ourselves. This is important to keep in mind, regardless of age, shape or size.

Dressing ourselves can be an extension of our mood-Feeling sassy? Feeling dramatic?  Feeling powerful? Even as little girls most of us played dress up or dressed our dolls as an expression of whom we were and our moods at that time.

Fashion is art! That fabulous dress is the cumulative effort of a textile artist, clothing designer, pattern maker and craftsman.

New clothes are fun! It is funny how we can’t wait to wear that fabulous new outfit or piece of jewelry. It must be partly because looking good on the outside helps us feel better on the inside.

Choosing The Clothes Gallery vs. Department Stores

shop local

We so appreciate our customers who, with all of your “shopping choices”, choose to spend their time and money with us! We thought we would share a few interesting facts about “where you shop”

The Clothes Gallery is the manifestation of our dream, our dedication and our hard work, not simply a business venture.

The Clothes Gallery is focused on “YOUR” tastes and style.  The merchandise is selected personally, with “YOU” in mind.

Besides helping you look and feel fabulous, here is the impact of your Clothes Gallery purchase:

For every $100 spent at The Clothes Gallery, $68 stays in the community. Of that same $100 spent at a large chain store, $43 stays in the community. Finally, $100 spent online, $0 stays local!

Lastly, a healthy, thriving “downtown shopping district” creates a sense of community, offers a central gathering place, and helps support all of Crystal Lake’s  property values.

How To Shop for Clothes


Sounds simple enough, but here are a few tips to help you not

only enjoy your shopping experience, but help build a better wardrobe!

1. Take your time, this is important.

2. Try on everything that catches your eye. First of all, clothes look completely different on a hanger than they do on a body, you’ll never know how it really looks on you until you try. Secondly, we all have a rather narrow vision of what looks good, this will help expand and update your own personal style

3. Don’t wait until you have to shop. Who needs the pressure of “I need an outfit for tonight”. So much better when you have several favorite pieces to choose from than to go thru the “I have nothing to wear” drama!

4. Shop alone…….no wait, shop with a friend. This one is personal. Sometimes a valued friend can give you great insight, or sometime they can stop you from buying that fabulous new look. You’ll have to figure this one out for yourself.

Stripes for Spring/Summer 2016

stripe top

Stripes are all over the spring summer fashion runways.No longer just the classic navy and white nautical look, stripes are being shown in everything from play-wear to evening wear. Stripes look terrific in woven shirts (a big trend), soft jackets, dresses and flowy pants.

Here are a few new ways to bring stripes into your look:

  • Vertical stripes in shirts and long dresses are very flattering.
  • Mixing stripes of different colors.
  • Accenting stripes with floral prints (as in the picture above)
  • Go bold with brights or be subtle in soft neutrals.
  • Asymmetric or zig zag patterns

The wonderful sales staff at Clothes Gallery can help you incorporate this year’s stripe trend in your Spring/Summer wardrobe!

We are Excited to Present Kendra Scott Jewelry



One of the most exciting new collections at Clothes Gallery is Kendra Scott Jewelry. Kendra (pictured above) is originally from Kenosha, WI, and now lives in Austin, TX.

Kendra Scott Designs (Kendra’s jewelry company) was founded in 2002 with only $500.  Her jewelry designs reflect her trademark of working with natural stones in innovative, unique shapes. Today Kendra has almost 40 flagship stores and sells to over 1000 small boutiques nationwide like Clothes Gallery.

Kendra Scott takes a big role in supporting not for  profit charities such as Meals on Wheels, Blessings in a Backpack, and Dress for Success, just to name a few. Giving back has always been a big part of Kendra’s mission. Her first business, at the age of 19 was a small hat store called Hat Box. Inspired by her stepfather who was being treated for brain cancer, she designed and manufactured hats specifically for people undergoing chemotherapy.

We are proud to represent Kendra’s line of beautiful jewelry at Clothes Gallery. You know you will be delighted at the diversity and creativity of her collections.

One of this season’s hottest trends is the “Cold Shoulder”.


A great way to add a little sex appeal to your look is to reveal a little skin, and today’s “cold shoulder” look is a wonderfully modest way to “show off” a little.  As opposed to cleavage, miniskirts, or bare midriffs, this is an easy look that everyone can wear.

Versatile and great looking, this look is as appropriate at the grocery store as it is for a night out on the town. These tops can be paired with skinny jeans, your new wide leg “flowing” pants or with your favorite long skirt. The cold shoulder is also making it’s way into some fabulous spring dress collections.

Available in colorful prints, bold solid colors and the always fabulous black, come on in and see how this look will work for you.


Let Your Heart Be Light

brighton tote copy

The JOY TOTE by Brighton is made of natural canvas and has silver flecks to add a bit of sparkle! The artwork is reminiscent of childhood ornaments and is sure to bring a festive spirit to your shopping when you use this adorable tote!