One of this season’s hottest trends is the “Cold Shoulder”.


A great way to add a little sex appeal to your look is to reveal a little skin, and today’s “cold shoulder” look is a wonderfully modest way to “show off” a little.  As opposed to cleavage, miniskirts, or bare midriffs, this is an easy look that everyone can wear.

Versatile and great looking, this look is as appropriate at the grocery store as it is for a night out on the town. These tops can be paired with skinny jeans, your new wide leg “flowing” pants or with your favorite long skirt. The cold shoulder is also making it’s way into some fabulous spring dress collections.

Available in colorful prints, bold solid colors and the always fabulous black, come on in and see how this look will work for you.


Nothing to Wear?


We all have stood in front of our closet full of clothes, coming to the realization that we have “nothing to wear”!

Here are a few tips on building a great wardrobe:

1. Clean out your closet by getting rid of everything that does not fit or things you have not worn in over a year

2. Looking at what is left, you can identify your “theme”.  Favorite colors, most flattering shapes, your “wardrobe lifestyle”.

3. Make your “most wanted list” of key items you need to fill in.

4. Quality “investment pieces”, such as great fitting black pants, will work season after season

5. Pick up only the “trends” that you are a comfortable with. Trends are fun, but not if they sit in your closet.

(Pictured above is a French Connection lightweight sweater that works perfect for Spring and would be easy to dress up or down.)

Prints are Personal


This season, prints are everywhere, and a great way to spice up your look! When you reach in your closet and pull out a floral top to wear to a lunch date with your BFF, you know you are in a cheery mood! Get it -prints reflect your mood and personality. To follow are a few top print trends for Spring 2014.

Graphic – Modern and clean, these are best in black and white. A perfect backdrop for trendy shots of color in everything from shoes to nail polish!

Fun Floral – Dressy of casual, bright or tonal, this timeless look is always pretty and feminine. Best in dresses and soft easy tops.

Tribal – One of this season’s most notable trends, these ethnic, bohemian prints are placed on everything from tops, dresses, and soft flowing pants.

Dressing for New Year’s Eve (A Few Do’s and Don’ts)

champagne toast

Save the flashing lights and tinsel for the tree! From having “nothing to wear” to going “over the top” with that fabulous, cropped, printed, sequin halter top with matching jeans, here are a few simple but very helpful tips on how to look your best on New Year’s:

1. Too much glitz – A touch of glitz is great! It defines special occasion, but too much goes from hot to not! Embellishment on clothing is best on basic colors, and be sure that the embellishment is scaled to your figure.  Try bringing in the glitz with a great sequined bag or shoes (ruby red slippers work for some).

2. Too much skin – Subtle is always best, and “suggestion” is far sexier than “here it is!” Accentuate your best features! Try a lace top under a jacket to showcase that terrific cleavage, a slim skirt with a short slit to highlight those great legs.

3. Something other than that “little black dress”? Red, gold or bright bold prints work well in the evening!

Free People


In the early 1970’s, Dick Haynes opened a small very hip clothing boutique, “Free People”, in a small emerging neighborhood in West Philadelphia. He catered to the young “urbanites” that were moving into the area.  As the business grew from one store to two, the name changed to “Urban Outfitters”.

Together with wife Meg, they began designing their own looks for not only their own stores, but nationally. The name of the line changed several times: Bulldog, Ecote, Anthropologie, and finally in 1984 back to Free People.

The line has shed its junior image and has evolved into more mature, contemporary brand. They describe their customer as smart, creative, confident, free, and adventurous. “Sweet to Tough, Tomboy to Romantic!”

We are very proud to bring this great collection to Crystal Lake! We know you will love mixing and matching colors and patterns, making this great look yours!

It’s Time to Sparkle

Sugi sweater for web copy

Is “Holiday Dressing” a mystery to you? In today’s fashion world, everything seems to be allowed which can cause more confusion than clear cut rules. So, our advice is “make it your own look”.  If standing out from the crowd is your goal, focus on wearing one unique item that will set you apart. If being comfortable is your goal, a little black dress with a touch of holiday bling in your jewelry might be as much as you need. Feeling like you want to be a bit “edgy”, try showing some skin thru netted or open style cuts.

Jeans or leggings with a glittery top are very popular at holiday house parties. Dress this up with a great pair of heals and a chunky sweater with sequins and you are good to go! More of a cozy night planned with your friends, try the new pajama bottom look with a silk blouse and voila!

Whatever your style, you can “sparkle”, feel your best, and be comfortable!

Sheer and Sassy


Sheer fashion remains a statement for Fall 2013. This trend breaks the rules of conservatism, but to what degree? How this sensual trend fits into your wardrobe is dictated only by your comfort level.

Sheerness is the perfect way to dress up that little black dress, whether it is with a sheer cover up, or sheer sleeves to give the illusion of coverage.  “Peek a boo” layers are a way to reveal just enough, for a hint of sexy, without exposing too much. Of course this trend may not be office appropriate, but for a night out “a sheer statement” will surely get you noticed.



Fall 2013 Color Report


As the leaves change in autumn, we look forward to our change in wardrobe to accommodate the brisk days ahead. The fashion palette for fall 2013 is a vibrant mix of jewel tones (rich colors that resemble gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires). These jewel colors work beautifully off this falls neutrals of black, grey, brown, and off-white.

A classic black and white houndstooth for fall accented with sapphire gives a twist to a menswear inspired fabric. Emerald green, named the top color of 2013, when accompanied by black sheer netting is the perfect combination of sophistication and style. So be confident with bold shots of color, they will brighten your fall look (and maybe even your outlook)!

Leather, Leather, Everywhere


The fall runways have been all about leather. Leather pants, dresses, skirts and jackets are topping many “must have” lists. The reason leather is being so well accepted by the fashion industry is the technical upgrades to the fabric that have occurred. Leather today is softer and lighter, and priced much more affordably than years past.

A new edge to using leather is combining it with dissimilar fabrics like Ponte or mesh. This newness in combining fabrics gives the garments more ability to fit and flatter.  Want to feel a bit “edgy”? Adding studs or stones to leather has been around since before James Dean’s time.  Now this “bad boy” look is considered “fashion” for both men and women alike!